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Take a Peek is a page that’ll navigate you toward samples from the works of author A.K. Kuykendall. Whether you’re seeking to “take a peek” at his writing style, “take a peek” at a well-positioned phrase, “take a peek” at a wacky sentence here and there, “take a peek” at a paragraph sure to make you salivate for more, and/or “take a peek” at an entire chapter; you’ve come to the right place.

The author is passionate when he says, “I often tell people that to know me is to know my words—dark in delivery, passionate in prose. To know me is to know my words raw in form and free from an editor’s cunning touch. To know me is to know my words and the origin of their births. To know me is to know my words free from your conditioned complacencies in music, radio, theater, or television. To know me is to know my words with the unbiased objective eyes and heart of a newborn. To know me is to know my words—how I love, make love, and kill. To know me is to dive UN-hesitant into the waters of my pages. To know me is to know my words.”

Take a breath and your precious time as you peruse through the mind of the author on this particular page, et alia. And if you look close enough, you’ll be able to see author A.K. Kuykendall, immersed in his latest novel, tapping away at his typewriter in the domain of his home office, which sits on the second floor of his glamorous home in rural Michigan. Here, in his private home-away-from-home, he finds the personal comfort that encourages his drive to push every over-stressed cell in his brain to endure hour after hour of creative work; drops of sweat rolling down his forehead and poised ever so artfully at the tip end of his nose.

You’ll see that, in the heat of his creation, he ignores the sweat. Here, in his most private moments, which we are covertly invading, he desires to be alone: a solitary artist pushing his fingers to strike words onto his canvas, creating a world that, right now, exists only within his storytelling mind. And as we see him leaning back in his rickety antique office chair, we can clearly see that, for now, the world belongs solely to him as he clings menacingly to the pages in his hands; his eyes beaming with a horrifying reality I believe we shouldn’t be viewing—the author is jealously possessive of his creation.

The Possession (A Writer’s Block Novel)

“And Michael, as great an archangel as Lucifer himself, knelt on one knee before his mighty, courageous brother, and bowing his head, said; ‘Yes, I will agree. Give me your blessing before we begin our roles in this Divine Drama.’ And as Lucifer placed his hand upon archangel Michael’s head, the horn’s of triumph could be heard blowing throughout the entire universe, for now God’s plan was complete, and mankind would be born, born into duality, into a world of polarity, so that the Source could experience what it is like to be separate and then, once again, become One.”

Imperium Heirs (A Conspirator’s Odyssey Novel)

“Jack, in 1955, do to the lack of power I have as President of the United States to gain access or control the pace of covert operations permanently put in place by previous presidents that span the entire globe concerning extraterrestrial intervention, I commissioned a secret society known as The Jason Society—a team of scholars solely created to sift through all the facts, evidence, technology, lies and deception and to find the truth behind it all as there was much I was left in the dark on, even after taking the reigns of the White House. The Jason Society of scholars is not of government nor do they have any official affiliations with my administration. In fact, The Jason Society was but a code name for an organization I became aware of from a colleague of mine long ago by the name of General Henry C. Thimpkin; co-founder of the order known as Fierce Chicanery. He established and leads the tactical whole of the operation while your father, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., with his money, power, influence, and unique ties to the political arena established and led the political component to sure up any loose ends before his term as ambassador and his political ambitions ended abruptly during the Battle of Britain in November 1940.”

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