Conspirator’s Odyssey is an interesting story with lots of conflicts, lots of serious problems for the protagonist, and lots of suspense. You do a good job weaving in historical events like the Roswell incident and Kennedy’s assassination to build a strong plot.

Kalista is a vital protagonist with a difficult background and a determined stance. The reader will like her and easily sympathize with her suffering. She faces a daunting foe in Damion Walker. His demeanor and words exude evil intentions. Throughout the book, all the characterizations and interpersonal relationships are handled well.

You have a knack for creating colorful images with both the setting and the characters. You also have a knack for creating exciting dramatic scenes.

Your characters loom large on the page with firm physical descriptions, personality strengths and weaknesses, and clear motivations on one side or the other. The dialogue comes across in an intense, authentic way. There are lots of confrontational scenes to keep the story forward at a good pace.

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