Possibly the next great cult fiction novel,Imperium Heirs by A.K. Kuykendall is the first of a series entitled Conspirator’s Odyssey which delves deep into the barely disguised corruption lurking within the United States government and, in fact, the world.

In the trend of The Illuminatus Trilogy, Kuykendall paints an all-too-believable picture of interconnecting, power-hungry, conspiratorial madmen who essentially run the nation behind the scenes. But while Illuminatus is scatterbrained and nearly impossible for the average reader to follow, Odyssey gradually blossoms to reveal each new layer and fold at just the right pace. Conspirator’s Odyssey takes readers from the UFO crash site at Roswell, New Mexico to the Oval Office hours before JFK’s assassination to the jungles of Vietnam, demonstrating in each time period the devious doings of the “unknowns” controlling the government.

Readers are shown how extraterrestrial life was concealed from the American public, how multiple secret societies had a hand in the murder of America’s only free-thinking President, and how today, soldiers at the whim of these madmen are used as tools to further objectives they don’t even understand. A.K. Kuykendall created the series Conspirator’s Odyssey because as a self-proclaimed American patriot, he feels it’s his duty to convince Americans to break free the restraints of conformity and look below the surface of our country and question those who seem to stop at nothing to control our government and the world.

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