What is a conspiracy theory? Well, I had never read one until I was introduced to: Conspirator’s Odyssey. The story is told through the eyes of Kalista Flaker, a special ops soldier, sent on a mission to Vietnam.  I’m not one to spoil stories, but I will tell you this book covers allot of history.  Topics you won’t find in the history books of the modern day world.  It covers the Roswell UFO incident, area 51, the bay of pigs, Vietnam, JFK, the assassination of the Kennedy’s, Watergate, Ronald Reagan, Project Aneman, the World Trade Center 9/11 incident, going into a NWO with alien DNA.  Did I miss anything?  This book is an absolute page-turner from beginning to end and one you won’t want to put down.  I have to admit; in the beginning the author’s life seemed blended in with the character in the book.  I couldn’t distinguish which was which and had to reread those pages several times.  They seemed to merge together.  The ending of the book left me wanting more. I thought this was some terrible joke, and that there had to be more to it. During an interview, Mr. Kuykendall said he should have started at the end and worked his way back to the beginning.  That would definitely be a great work in the making, and one I would look forward too.  The style of Mr. Kuykendall’s writing is superb!  Mr. Kuykendall has a strong voice that needs to be heard.  I highly recommend this book to all.

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