The Confessional

Altar server Reinhold Commons Webster was an innocent child. Scholarly. Devout. With his trials and tribulations weighing heavy on him, he continually prayed for deliverance. In the end, however, Lucifer answered.

The Vatican owns $35 billion in assets yet they can’t seem to solve child poverty. When it comes to their priests’ sexual exploitation of children, however, they happen to be pretty damn proficient at using their vast holdings to pay off victims of their irreverent deeds.

The Roman Catholic Church is synonymous with child sexual abuse. I owe nobody an apology for saying this because it is the truth. Cases of child sexual abuse and subsequent cover-ups committed during the 20th and 21st centuries by Catholic priests, nuns, and members of the Roman Catholic Order have led to numerous allegations, investigations, trials, and convictions. And with billions continually being paid by the church to settle damning claims around the world- I just knew I had to shame each and every one of these pedophile priests and their perfervid crime enablers in the only way I know how to do it—speaking truth to power through the art of unhindered storytelling. After all, fiction uniquely teaches us about our own stories and seeks to inform, unlike any other medium due to the fact that fiction is often closer to the truth than what surrounds us on a daily basis.

The Webster family of Chicago are devout Catholic’s whom, like all the other families within their parish, fervently stood steadfastly in service of the church. Their only son, Reinhold, they prayed would, one day, become a priest himself of which he was somewhat keen too. When he became one of the churches altar servers, it seemed as if the priesthood was all but inevitable for the young man.

Shortly after hearing Mass and receiving the sacrament, Reinhold was sexually assaulted by one of the church’s priests. Informing his family of the incident, shortly thereafter, he was met with fierce contempt. At that moment, his adolescent mind caused him to immediately recanted his story. This one action left him at the mercy of preternatural evil forces that he has no choice but to face on his own.

The story I’ve written may be a hard-hitting and uncomfortably probing tale, but it’s minuscule in comparison to the real horrors experienced by those that have suffered at the hands of these men and women of God- boys and girls, some as young as 3 years old, with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.

The Confessional (a short story with a peerless message) is an execrable horror parable that will take the reader on a surreal journey into the warped psychosis of a pedophile priest and into the spiritual battle a child, nonetheless, is left to confront alone. Will Reinhold’s faith win out in the end or will Lucifer triumph?

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