Imperium Heirs

“When German fighter pilot Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen shot a UFO out of the sky over western France in 1917, intergalactic turmoil ensued . . . ”

Based on true events, Conspirator’s Odyssey: Imperium Heirs is a novel that will move you through the United States early 1900’s history into the future in a thoroughly plausible response to many of those incidents about which we have found no satisfactory explanation. Is any of the book true? Is all of it true? Only you can match your own knowledge of historical events, evaluate the options found in Conspirator’s Odyssey and arrive at your decision.

In 1939, while on official business in Washington, Lieutenant Colonel Dwight Eisenhower was exposed to alien life–four gray alien beings in glass tubes of formaldehyde–in the sub-basement of the U.S. Capital building. He accepted an extremely sensitive mission ordered by both Secretary of State Cordell Hull and President Franklin D. Roosevelt. His mission: broker an iron-clad treaty between the human race and the Cel’jul, which we inadvertently fractured by concealing that we had in our possession two prominent members of the galactic royal family–which just happened to be this species’ Queen and King, the very occupants of the craft downed in 1917.

The treaty Lieutenant Colonel Eisenhower brokered was finalized on Sunday, July 16, 1939. Hailed as a tremendous success for all mankind, he was collectively but covertly praised by every world leader. What we didn’t know is that for over 25 years since their royal craft was shot out of the sky, the armada of the galactic royal family has consistently and expansively searched our planet for their citizens. Having somehow discovered that the American government had been in cahoots with the government of Germany in the days following the downing of their royal craft, which our government flatly denied when the question was asked by theCel’jul prior to the signing of the treaty, coupled with the fact that this same government insisted that they lead the talks for the human race; our country was outright accused of detaining members of the royal family and our first brush with annihilation occurred following this message:

You have violated the treaty between our two species you yourself initiated. We believe you to have in your possession citizens of the royal galactic alliance. Hear us and hear us well. We will obliterate one of your American cities if you do not release the members of the galactic royal family at once. Our armada has been dispatched and will be in your airspace within the hour. The city we choose to lay waste; our destroyer will hover. (Commander Gilli’victcill)

It was February 24, 1942 when this threat came over the wire to which the military forces in all 48 states were immediately placed on red alert and the, now, Brigadier General Eisenhower who had multiple command appointments in WWII was contacted directly by Franklin D. Roosevelt about the imminent threat and ordered Eisenhower to immediately make contact with the galactic alliance. And for the first time since accepting the title of mankind’s spokesman in 1939, President Roosevelt informed Eisenhower of the highly confidential Intel that brought about this rift in the treaty the General had so methodically devised.

“Mr. President, we stand no chance of success against their armada should they act on their threat. It will take some time for me to make contact. Should they encroach on our assets, I strongly advise a heavy bombardment of artillery to stave off the positioning of their weapon.” (Brigadier General Eisenhower)

Since that incident on the 24/25 of February 1942, we were teetering on the edge of an all-out war with the Cel’jul, which came to a head at 11:40 p.m. on Saturday, July 19, 1952, as the royal brigades began their strategic maneuvering around Washington with an even heavier presence around our U.S. Capital building where we held the beings. Fresh off the heels of World War II and having recently thrown his hat into the ring for the presidency in January 1952; the covert relationship General Eisenhower had formed with this race of beings since 1939 led him to broker the deal that prevented an all-out assault by the Galactic Royal Alliance upon our world to which we (the entire human race), as was the case in 1942, was ill-equipped to fend off.

In 1947, in the rural town of Roswell, New Mexico, a series of UFO’s crash-land in an area later designated as Area 51. A massive cover-up is launched. The intent: to conceal plans to strengthen the U.S. by using the genetic material from the recovered alien bodies to create the first wave of super-human soldiers. Skip forward to 1965: In order to field test the resulting serum, the strategic plot to invade Vietnam evolves, but the experiment fails miserably, as the soldiers who are tested suffer volatile unstable reactions making them prime targets for capture and slaughter.

Major Kalista Flaker of the United States Army is the heroine of this story—an Army Ranger who has now inherited the role of leader of a secret organization, one that reaches across the world, fighting against those who conspire against the United States. It is a bitter pill to swallow that most of those she fights against are found within the agencies of the US government, especially within the security sections. However, facing the reality that she has lived through, she had no choice but to accept and respond to these dangers.

Everything that had happened dated back to before she was born. There had always been talk of UFO sightings and she had scoffed at them along with most Americans. It wasn’t until she was sent on a mission to Vietnam, had talked to a war prisoner and received a vial of his blood that she knew the truth. She had tested and studied the blood and found unknown DNA and other elements. The soldier had alien blood in his body!

She would never forget that mission. She had been in charge of a group of rangers and SEALs. Selected to lead the group by General Thimpkin, the man who had guided her, mentoring her almost as a father, she alone had been told of the full extent of the mission. The group was being sent to Vietnam because they had learned that there were American G.I.’s—war prisoners—still alive and being kept in an off the grid location deep in the jungles of the region.

They were all to be killed. Indeed, everyone on the mission was to be killed, except her. General Thimpkin had made special provisions to get her out. Everything had happened as planned, almost. Following orders, they had killed the American soldiers, prisoners who had lost limbs, who were barely clinging to life. In fact, she was puzzled how they were still living! But she just couldn’t handle having her own team being killed. She tried to tell them what was to happen, but Lieutenant Buckner, thinking she had become unbalanced from what they had just done, stopped her and relieved her of command, only to then lead the group into an ambush. Kalista pulled Buckner to the pickup site, the only one of her team she had found alive, and had saved his life. And then others as she once again ignored commands of her superiors.

Buckner continued in a coma for more than five years. Much had happened during that time and Kalista was ready, ready to seek revenge. But she needed help, she needed Buckner, so while he had been comatose, she had injected him with a variation of the blood the soldier had given her before she killed him. Subsequently her research into Vietnam led her to discovering a daunting truth—that the conflict was nothing but a grand science experiment forged of the military industrial complex and forced upon soldiers of that era. Even more daunting was the fact that President John F. Kennedy stood in the way of the covert scheme and was assassinated in order to push forward the unethical mission. The mission was code named The Aneman Project—an unsanctioned government experiment aimed at developing a super-human armed force by using our soldiers as mere lab rats.

It is in the midst of this pressing mission that the Major is hit with a reality that has her perplexed. She’s told an unbelievable story of how on March 13, 1917, both Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen and his wingman Rittmeister Peter Waitzrik took off from an airfield in Belgium to conduct dawn patrol over western France. That the pair sought prey, such as reconnaissance aircraft and enemy fighters, but instead they encountered something they initially believed to be a new American weapon.Doubtless, the Red Baron took advantage of the sun rising behind him and in his trademark red triplane he pounced on the huge UFO, which fell from the sky like a rock. That on this day German ground forces retrieved a number of dead and injured alien beings, but for two whom they witnessed escape through the woods. That the escaped occupants were, in fact, interplanetary guardians in possession of two royal embryos and that she, herself, hails from a star system ruled by an alien species known as the Cel’jul; commonly referred to on earth as the Grays. That her origins lie beyond the heavens because she and her brother are heirship to the galactic royal family. She is then told of two incidents that took place in both 1942 and 1952. Planned invasions of planet earth due to the fact that the American government held hostage for eighty-seven years the Cel’jul Queen and King; her actual mother and father.

Of all she’s ever known to humanity, of the planet she was born and raised, and her place in it; these new revelations reveal just who she truly is, and in fact, has always been: a forsaken Princess, a future Queen.

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