Black Pulp II

A tenured professor at Cambridge University unravels the origins of vampirism, which has a sinister connection to the continent of Africa.

The folklore and mythology of the vampire phenomenon began in Africa with Bahati—a being conjured in the 1500’s by the Hekse (witches) of the Maasai’s ancient order as a curse upon the wit man (white man). This all came about when Africa welcomed the vessel known as The Good Ship Jesus to its shores. A Christian missionary ship that ultimately became the first slave ship to America.

Bahati and the Corners of Blood is the story of Dr. Birbry Carrington—a dashing forty-seven-year-old tenured Classical/Mediterranean Archaeology professor at Cambridge University who discovers an unbelievable truth.

. . . Die die reveal the beast unto the earth thou shall feast,” the Hekse chant. “A curse for a curse . . .”

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