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The interview is a great way to learn more about an author on the most rudimentary elements of his/her existence. What motivates their desire to tell a story, what are their personality traits, what are their passions, what drives them to do what so many in our world often dream of doing, from where does their creative expressions derive, et alia. The answer is not at all a simple task to relate, but from the interview, an audience can discern why we write. Why we put ink to paper. Why we dare to proclaim ourselves storytellers in a world where books and reading are damn near second to the moving story. Why we covertly, overtly, and strategically attempt to journey all back to a time when the imagination was our collective muse. Again, though the answer is not at all a simple task to relate, the reality; the overall arc of the author interview means to relate a simple fact: storytellers were once gods of villages at a time children and elders, nightly, sat at our feet anxious to lend an ear to our words. We write because our words are forever.

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