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Beyond the literal interpretation behind book reviews—the process, the merit, the relevancy, et alia; I believe they’re an integral part of an author’s developmental journey. Everyone, like the nose on our faces and the teeth in our mouths, has an opinion for which I crave; professional or otherwise. Believe that I painstakingly trace each and every letter, word, sentence, and paragraph of your particular opinion of my creative expression in order to learn from your interpretation. However, an artist must, first and foremost, stay true to the vision that propelled the artistic expression; never to forget that opinions are like the nose on our faces. We all have one!

Direct email comment to by Bob Teske, Future Reader

I have read, and re-read the synopsis for this book…and my question is quite simply… “When is it coming out?” I want to READ IT! You’ve laid out some pretty interesting little nuggets here.

Direct email comment to by Sarah Davis, Future Reader

Looking forward to it!

Direct email comment to by Scott Davis, Future Reader

That sounds well-worth the wait and definitely worth the read. Congratulations, I’m sure your hard work will be rewarded.

Direct email comment to by Pan Orpheus, Future Reader

I’m looking forward to reading your book.

Direct email comment to by Elizabeth Noreen Newton, Future Reader

Sounds good!

Direct email comment to by James Story, Future Reader

I would love to read it!

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Direct email comment to by Wendy Mcconnell, Future Reader

Should be good!

Direct email comment to by Enrique Gonzalez, Future Reader

It looks good! I’ll need to get the first one.

Direct email comment to by Tracy Lee, Future Reader

Can’t wait to read this!

Direct email comment to by ADB, Future Reader

I want to buy and read this. Will be getting it soon. Sounds amazing and interesting.

Direct email comment to by Ava Armstrong, Future Reader

Cool cover!

Direct email comment to by Alastair Rosie, Future Reader

Certainly looks intriguing!

Direct email comment to by Annie Douglass Lima, Future Reader


Direct email review to by Monica Stoner, Reader

Writer’s Block Trilogy? Strikes fear into the hearts of writers!

Direct email review to by Arun Thilak, Reader

I read your book “The Possession”. It was really good! I finished it in a day it was simply that remarkable.

Direct email comment to by Toni Howe, Future Reader

I need a copy of this book. Sounds like it should be a movie!!!!!

Direct email comment to by Sandra Westerdahl, Future Reader

I would like to read this book. It appears to put into factual data all the information we already know on an intuitive and informed level. Are we really just children who need to be protected by monsters against more dangerous monsters?

Direct email review to by Sonya Walsh, Reader

Awesome book!

Direct email review to by Cianna Elizabeth, Reader

I think the first book was wonderful! Horror books don’t get the love they deserve, but I think if you keep the same style, the next one will be great too!

Direct email review to by Steve Commisso, Reader

Have checked out your work and like your reality and courage to say it like it is. I dig your work!

Direct email review to by Lori Davis, Reader

Just bought a copy the other day. Highly rec- ommend it!

Direct email review to by Karen Sullivan, Reader

The book is wonderful! Very interesting indeed and you are a wonderful writer. I am looking forward to reading your other books.

Direct email review to by Richard Hooke, Reader

This is an incredible book! For people who have not read it, this book will blow your mind!!! Cancer causing polio vaccines, the unveiling of the real Lee Oswald, mad scientist laboratories, OF COURSE, all under the watch of Richard Milhous Nixon; the ‘Dexter’ of US Presidents. THIS BOOK SHOULD BE READ BY EVERY U.S. CITIZEN.

Direct email review to by Tafa Falaah, Reader

All the ideas presented were exactly what I already believe as a possibility—right up my alley. Everything was very clear. I like how things were tied together through a string of seemingly unrelated events. It was fantastic—can’t wait to see the next one.

Direct email review to by William Thomas Voss, Reader

Ok, read your book! I loved every page […] it shined some light on allot of things.

Direct email review to by Billy Burke, Reader

I read your book! I enjoyed it as an adventure story, but I was expecting it to be about conspiracies.

Direct email review to by Terry Carter, Reader

Conspirator’s Odyssey, an excellent read in the Tom Clancy style—a solid page turner.

Direct email review to by Janet Whitley Sylvia Martin, Reader

I thoroughly enjoyed it! My truthers will eat it up, spit it out, and share it across the world. I like your writing and look forward to your next venture.

Direct email review to by Rene Guzman, WORLDWAR3NEWS

This is a must read book. Will blow you aw- ay.

Direct email review to by Serenity J. Banks, Author/Editor

Possibly the next great cult fiction novel,Imperium Heirs by A.K. Kuykendall is the first of a series entitled Conspirator’s Odyssey which delves deep into the barely disguised corruption lurking within the United States government and, in fact, the world.

In the trend of The Illuminatus Trilogy, Kuykendall paints an all-too-believable picture of interconnecting, power-hungry, conspiratorial madmen who essentially run the nation behind the scenes. But while Illuminatus is scatterbrained and nearly impossible for the average reader to follow, Odyssey gradually blossoms to reveal each new layer and fold at just the right pace. Conspirator’s Odyssey takes readers from the UFO crash site at Roswell, New Mexico to the Oval Office hours before JFK’s assassination to the jungles of Vietnam, demonstrating in each time period the devious doings of the “unknowns” controlling the government.

Readers are shown how extraterrestrial life was concealed from the American public, how multiple secret societies had a hand in the murder of America’s only free-thinking President, and how today, soldiers at the whim of these madmen are used as tools to further objectives they don’t even understand. A.K. Kuykendall created the series Conspirator’s Odyssey because as a self-proclaimed American patriot, he feels it’s his duty to convince Americans to break free the restraints of conformity and look below the surface of our country and question those who seem to stop at nothing to control our government and the world.

Direct email review to by Sammie Justesen, Author/Editor

A.K. Kuykendall writes with a keen knowledge of the subject matter and in his understanding of the topsy-turvy world we live in today; he chooses to deliver this bold project with humor, passion, aggression, invective, and flair that’s literally unheard-of in today’s industry. A mainstream conspiratorial adrenaline rush. An entertaining story.

Direct email review to by Shellie Hurrle, Reader

This first book in the Conspirator’s Odysseyseries, is a project that shouts for more from this author. While outwardly this well written conspiratorial story speaks directly, honestly, and passionately to the American people, using historical knowledge to provide a background for this exciting novel, it carries with it an underlying atmosphere that is both sinister and intriguing. It has a well-polished edge to it assured to motivate you to contemplate the possibilities.

Direct email review to by Mike Valentino, Reader

A.K. Kuykendall’s novel is the first in his Conspirator’s Odyssey series and should please readers. This author’s approach is very detailed, very technical, and very intricate. The story here is smart.

Direct email review to by Karl Monger, Reader

I’ve never heard of this author before, but his book, Conspirator’s Odyssey, is a veritable page-turner. I will be looking for more from him in the future. Recommended reading.

Direct email review to by Nicole A. Bently, Reader

Hands down, A.K. Kuykendall has comprised a project equipped with a foolproof method for provoking thought. He clearly understands that deep down most everyone finds conspiracy theories interesting. Moreover, his writing is solid and well thought out.

Direct email review to by Gregory Beckman, Reader

What A.K. Kuykendall has done is create a wonderfully rich and detailed story that alternates between a world of make believe and one of reality, but delivers it with a massive punch, sure to knock you clean off your feet. In doing so, he succeeds in evoking that addictive mix of probability and possibility that has always intrigued the masses. Outstanding read!

Direct email review to by Trent W. Thompson, Reader

This project screams Dan Brown … an undiscovered bestseller.

Direct email review to by Gibson Tyler, Reader

A.K. Kuykendall, I think that too many people have too strong of opinions on conspiracies for them not to exist on some level. Why else do we devour the books and movies that are created about them? Your new book out, Conspirator’s Odyssey, looks at events such as Roswell and the JFK assassination and ties them together in a very New World Order way. It’s an excellent read of fact-based fiction that made me really wonder which is which.

Direct email review to by James Grimes, Reader

Conspirator’s Odyssey is an excellent blend of fact and fiction that makes it hard to tell where one leaves off and the other begins.

Direct email review to by Krause Hufflin, Reader

This was a very interesting read, even though I’m not an American. This conspiracy thriller by A.K. Kuykendall called Conspirator’s Odyssey is almost more of an alternate history novel because his blend of fact and fiction is so seamless it’s hard to tell which is which. Definitely falls into the category of could have happened that way.

Direct email review to by Brian Kroll, Reader

Wow, this is the best book I’ve read in a long time that makes some interesting points about the Kennedy assassination.Conspirator’s Odyssey by A.K. Kuykendall has definitely got lots of conspiracy theories, as well as a solid historical background through which to weave it.

Direct email review to by Liz Hadden, Reader

Praise for Conspirator’s Odyssey. My take is that Mr. Kuykendall is an expert in writing fact and fiction-based literature from an historic point of view, and is also an historian and conspiracy theorist. I’m glad that this book is the first in a series, as I’m looking for more from this author. Kuykendall understands our world and delivers a really entertaining story with passion. A page-turner!

Direct email review to by Paul Turtle, Reader

Conspirator’s Odyssey by A.K. Kuykendall got me hooked. He blends fact and fiction flawlessly to present a story that will stick with you. I want more!

Direct email review to by Peter Kramer, Reader

I’m a big fan of historical conspiracy theories. They’re so intriguing and have so many layers. I recently finished the book Conspirator’s Odyssey by A.K. Kuykendall. This book is one that bathes in such theories. It covers a time period from Roswell to the 21st century, with an historical background alternating within a world of possible make-believe. Dan Brown lovers will enjoy this.

Direct email review to by Charlie, Reader

If you’re interested in conspiracy theories, well have I got the book for you.Conspirator’s Odyssey by A. K. Kuykendall is a wild yarn that tries to pretty much link the supposed UFO landing in Roswell to JFK’s assassination, while throwing a whole lot more in there for good measure. It’s a little like the Celestine Prophecy in that it’s a fictional book about possible non-fiction events. If you love a good juicy conspiracy and let’s face it, who doesn’t, then you’ll no doubt love reading through this funny and sometimes thought-provoking tale.

Direct email review to by Gurtrude Pickens, Reader

I know Dan Brown is credited with making the “conspiracy genre” famous, but I think A. K. Kuykendall is to be commended for his own take on conspiracies coupled with a book grounded in historical fact. He’s written the first in a series, called Conspirator’s Odyssey. Being that this is A.K. Kuykendall’s first novel, he’s off to one hell of a start; not to mention his writing is first-rate.

Direct email review to by Christina Burke, #1 Fan

Okay, I admit that I’m very, very, very much taken with how handsome and intelligent I find A.K. Kuykendall to be, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he is one hell of a writer. First time author’s usually don’t write with this type of energy or with what I like to refer to as an established author’s hand. After reading his book, Conspirator’s Odyssey, I had a newfound love of country in that he managed to capture both the good and bad of an internal societal war we just can’t see or refuse to see. Let me be the first fan to ask: WILL YOU MARRY ME A.K. KUYKENDALL?

Direct email review to by William Greenleaf, Author/Editor

Conspirator’s Odyssey is an interesting story with lots of conflicts, lots of serious problems for the protagonist, and lots of suspense. You do a good job weaving in historical events like the Roswell incident and Kennedy’s assassination to build a strong plot.

Kalista is a vital protagonist with a difficult background and a determined stance. The reader will like her and easily sympathize with her suffering. She faces a daunting foe in Damion Walker. His demeanor and words exude evil intentions. Throughout the book, all the characterizations and interpersonal relationships are handled well.

You have a knack for creating colorful images with both the setting and the characters. You also have a knack for creating exciting dramatic scenes.

Your characters loom large on the page with firm physical descriptions, personality strengths and weaknesses, and clear motivations on one side or the other. The dialogue comes across in an intense, authentic way. There are lots of confrontational scenes to keep the story forward at a good pace.

Direct email review to by Christian L. Wordrope, Literary Enthusiast

With this book A.K. Kuykendall risks all and comes out victorious. Excuse my passions, but this is one hell of an historical novel of gripping readability, authentic atmosphere, and memorable characterization. Beginning with a flash back to the happenings post the Roswell UFO crash incident casts its shadow, the narrative is a seesaw of tension, suspense, impeccable pacing… action, intrigue, violence, passion, greed, bravery, dedication, revenge, and eventual love. This all wrapped within an even level of fact and fiction. Wow, a novel such is Conspirator’s Odyssey entertains, instructs, and satisfies on a grand scale. I find myself in great company having had an opportunity to read, evaluate, and review the work of this rising star and I recommend this book without hesitation.

Direct email review to by JaXvon Gosh, Reader

For a different look at the “conspiracy” subgenre, give Conspirator’s Odyssey a try. Lots of humor, lots of flair, plus a solid, really entertaining novel with an historical bent and, of course-a conspiracy! This is an undiscovered “Da Vinci Code.” Hmmm . . . even better.

Direct email review to by C. Fatty, A lover of “Truth”

What is a conspiracy theory? Well, I had never read one until I was introduced to: Conspirator’s Odyssey. The story is told through the eyes of Kalista Flaker, a special ops soldier, sent on a mission to Vietnam.  I’m not one to spoil stories, but I will tell you this book covers allot of history.  Topics you won’t find in the history books of the modern day world.  It covers the Roswell UFO incident, area 51, the bay of pigs, Vietnam, JFK, the assassination of the Kennedy’s, Watergate, Ronald Reagan, Project Aneman, the World Trade Center 9/11 incident, going into a NWO with alien DNA.  Did I miss anything?  This book is an absolute page-turner from beginning to end and one you won’t want to put down.  I have to admit; in the beginning the author’s life seemed blended in with the character in the book.  I couldn’t distinguish which was which and had to reread those pages several times.  They seemed to merge together.  The ending of the book left me wanting more. I thought this was some terrible joke, and that there had to be more to it. During an interview, Mr. Kuykendall said he should have started at the end and worked his way back to the beginning.  That would definitely be a great work in the making, and one I would look forward too.  The style of Mr. Kuykendall’s writing is superb!  Mr. Kuykendall has a strong voice that needs to be heard.  I highly recommend this book to all.

Direct email review to by Liz, Reader

Have to chime in with an alternative Dan Brown for the conspiracy theory aficionados: Conspirator’s Odyssey. It’s by A.K. Kuykendall, who uses historical knowledge to provide the background of a really exciting novel. It is both sinister and intriguing, which I really enjoyed. It’s Dan Brown, but done much better! A real page-turner.

Direct email review to by Cassandra FIYAH ~ Judgment Time! ~ Infin8ite F.

Excellent book and your trailer compliments’ it. The more your third eye sees, the clearer the book becomes. One you can’t park on your shelf and leave sitting.

Direct email review to by William Greenleaf, Author/Editor

Writer’s Block is quite a clever novel. As much as I like Dean Koontz and Stephen King, neither of them build such nice twists and turns into their plots.

Direct email review to by Heather Chisholm, literary enthusiast

I was fascinated with the historical aspects of the story and liked the way it was woven throughout the plot.

Direct email review to by LaTonya Lewis, Palmetto Review

Like a novel within a novel this book sweeps you into the abyss. With every page we see the main character, a happily married writer spiral into a free flowing downfall. Each chapter is a new adventure. I actually felt like I was reading four books in one. The momentum keeps you reading, wanting, sometimes cringing at the sheer horror but always, alwaysreading. It’s a hard book to put down. You want to know what could possibly happen next. Very hard to predict, even harder to fathom it’s a great read. I found myself going back and re-reading some pages because I couldn’t imagine some of the horrors that were written. Complete with Satan, jackal offspring and possessed dolls, this book has everything and more that a great Horror Novel needs.


Direct email review to by Jodi Henkiel, Editor @ A-1 Editing

I do think that the reader can see the inspiration for the novel in many sources, like The Exorcist, or a Stephen King or Dean Koontz book, but the plot twists and turns were definitely something new and interesting that I hadn’t seen before, and when I found out that Jamie had been reading Gregory’s draft and he really hadn’t been executed, I was blown away and simultaneously wanted to throw the book across the room and skip to the next chapter to find out what happens next.

Direct email review to by Michael Garrett, Author/Editor

I honestly feel that you’re a gifted writer.

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