The author I have a huge affinity for is Dean Koontz, but I simply cannot ignore the works of Stephen King. I always believed that Mr. King’s body of work was similar to the works of Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci. Particularly the late artists final manuscript- THE CODEX LEICESTER. I will not bother describing THE CODEX LEICESTER to you because I’m sure you’ll Google it.

King’s work has a hidden meaning that, for generations, literary enthusiasts will be endlessly combing over. I have a bold theory, however. Stephen King is working on something huge. A project more potent than anything he has done so far.

I believe after he passes from this earth, his publisher will release the authors final work. A goliath manuscript tying his universe into one and forever sealing his legacy as the G.O.A.T. To add even more to my theory, I believe Mr. King officially passed the torch to his son Owen King when they co-wrote SLEEPING BEAUTIES.

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