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“My fingers burn behind the keys of my typewriter, the lettering fading with every thoughtful strike. The many words I write I dare not stall; my mind perpetually alert for my magnum opus call.” —A.K. Kuykendall



Rejection is an imperative test of one’s character. Some writers continually submit the same manuscript until it is accepted. Others chose to do a more polished draft before sending it out again. A select few learn from the lessons of submissions, to write a completely new book. What they all have in common is a persistence to never give up on their dream; a dream that has elevated them from writer, to best-selling author. They have written some of the most critically praised and commercially successful books of all time. In some cases their enormous sales were so consistent that they even kept their publishers afloat. Yet in spite of this phenomenal success, every single one of these best-selling authors was initially rejected. Literary agents and publishers informed them in an endless stream of rejection letters that nobody would be interested in reading their book.


Truth be told, books are inanimate objects and only animate when a reader lightly peels back that first page and allows the story to unfold—lighting a robust fire under the ass of a reader’s dormant imagination. Everyone needs to know why I love the written word. Why I write. Why I put ink to paper. Why I dare to proclaim myself a storyteller in a world where books and reading are damn near second to the moving story. Why I covertly, overtly, and strategically attempt to journey all back to a time when the imagination was humanity's collective muse. Storytellers were once gods of villages at a time children and elders, nightly, sat at our feet anxious to lend an ear to our words. Though we are plentiful in the present, our words are forever.

My body of work highlights stories that play on the many conspiracy theories littered about our nation and the world. A rather in-depth expansion on the many syndicated articles I’ve written throughout the years. The subject matter of which touches on any and everything sideways. Many will view my work through an enlightened third eye and will read truth between the lines while others will not. I consider my work fact-based fiction that’s specifically meant to entertain—maybe. The stories I fathom I consider enigmatic journey[s] for thought that I believe many will find interesting given the political and social environment we the people have no choice but to endure.


My method for provoking thought—aimed at the masses—I use fact-based fiction as my conduit. I feel it’s better absorbed this way and won’t put you to sleep like the many authors of non-fiction. However, I would have to say the element of truth, within my work, is extremely potent. After all, this is the site where truth reads through fiction, yeah?